Why Your Company Should Empower Employees to Make Personal Content

I once stood in an all-hands meeting and a top exec said “No more personal brands” (true story).

This is the old mindset. Progressive companies see that allowing employees to create content on their own, to build their own audience, can benefit both the person AND the company.

I was at a conference one time, and someone recognized the name of my company BECAUSE we had an exec who built a big audience for himself. His brand was bigger than that of the company … which eventually lead to the change in strategy mentioned above (long story).

Recently, Alyce’s Director of Evangelism & Customer Marketing, Nick Bennett, joined the Hard Corps Marketing Show – which is produced in the town next to mine – to discuss why it’s beneficial for everyone when companies empower employees to make personal content.

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If this is something you want to help initiate within your own company, I collected a few of the highlights in this PowerPoint deck that you can pull from.

Also, this infographic includes my 14-year-old dachshund, Caramel. He says hi.

If you’re going to CEX next week, let me know and let’s chat!

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