Benefits of Rebranding

I would imagine most of you have been through some sort of rebranding exercise at one point or another. Maybe you go through them often. Or, you’re getting ready to go through one (good luck!).

Mai Fenton, chief marketing officer at Superscript recently underwent a full rebrand. On a recent episode of Scratch: CMO Interviews, Mai details how to know when it’s time for a rebrand and what you should consider.

Also, there’s a little contest after the infographic!


As you can see, I used the ransom note effect for the headlines. But, as someone who scoffs at time management, I created my own rather than use a pre-built typeface.

Can you identify all (or most) of the logos used in these? If so, let me know. The person who identifies the most logos will get a $25 Starbucks gift card. Or, you can opt for a shout-out in next week’s newsletter.

So, how many logos can you identify? Reply to this or drop a comment below (if you’re reading this online). Hint: one of them gives me money and a couple of others take a lot of my money.

UPDATE: if you’d like to see the answers, please see the bottom of this post.

Thanks for skimming!


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