How will AI Impact Search?

This is the billion-dollar question these days. Companies are working to outmaneuver Google to take part of its dominant market share. 6-12 months from now the landscape could look very different.

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While everyone has been focused on Generative AI, there has also been a lot of talk about AI being a “Google Killer.” While Google isn’t really in trouble, AI is presenting the first real challenge to Google’s dominance.

SEO expert Jordan Koene was recently on the Voices of Search podcast with Benjamin Shapiro and they had a spirited conversation about how AI works, and how it will impact the future of search. It’s the first time in a while I’ve heard people on a podcast argue with each other on a specific topic. It was quite refreshing.

(Spoiler: Google is still going to win)

There’s no process video this week because I forgot to hit “Go Live” before I started working on this. I was 45 minutes deep when I realized I had just been talking to myself the whole time. Not my finest moment.

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