3 Steps for Social Success

Interested in growing your social following? Of course you are. A bigger following helps you get your message out there. Here are three things you should do every time you’re on social media.

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Everyone wants more followers to help get their message out there. Annie Schiffman, CEO and Founder of Downstage Media (and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet) was recently on the Clear Content Podcast. They discussed many topics and she gave some great tips on how to build your social following.

These are three things you should do every time you’re on social media to build your audience.

Annie will be going more in-depth on this exact topic in her next Simplify Your Social webinar. It will help you build your brand even as algorithms and platforms change

Bob Ross for Graphic Design

Once again I recorded myself as I was designing this infographic. I broke it up over two sessions. In these videos, I try to explain my process, my thinking behind the decisions I’m making, and sometimes I add my own two cents on the topic.

This week you can see how I changed the entire flow of the infographic partway through.

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