Start Curious, Stay Curious

There’s an unfortunate trend where people learn a lot early in their career, and then rely on that knowledge throughout their career. But those who grow the fastest tend to be life-long learners.

The best way to foster never-ending learning is to stay curious. This can be a mindset shift for some people. But there are some who are constantly striving to improve themselves and their work.

A few weeks ago, Sprintwell founder, Charbel Simon, was on Jason Bradwell’s B2B Better podcast. Charbel walked through his career and discussed when he figured out that he wanted to go wide rather than go deep with his knowledge. Charbel’s journey reminded me of my own career path (but with fewer household brands on my LinkedIn). I wrote about the pros and cons of being a specialist or generalist last year (based on a presentation I had given).

Here are some of the tips that Charbel offered for staying curious throughout your career.

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Photo by Clem Onojeghuo
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I found this podcast to be really interesting. There are tips that anyone can apply to their career. As someone who is always looking to learn new things and tackle new challenges, this episode helps to shape how to find new challenges.

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