The New Rules of YouTube

As YouTube shifts from social graphs to interest graphs, it’s more important to make content that gets views rather than focus on subscriber counts.

Each week I gather the best takeaways from a recent marketing podcast and I compile them into an easy-to-understand infographic. If you want to consume an hour of podcast information in 90 seconds, you should subscribe!

I am amazed by people who know how to create compelling YouTube content that gets noticed. Last week at the Creator Economy Expo, I got to hear part of a conversation with Roberto Blake and it is simply incredible how much someone like him knows when it comes to YouTube.

Someone else who knows a lot about modern YouTube success is Sean Cannell. He recently joined Jay Clouse on the Creator Science podcast and he dropped some knowledge about what people and companies need to do to be successful with YouTube’s ever-evolving demands.

I learned a lot from this episode and if you’re at all interested in YouTube traffic, you should check it out.

Bob Ross for Graphic Design

Once again I recorded myself as I was designing this infographic.

The TLDR version is when I finished this hour, I wasn’t really happy with the infographic. So I went back later and put in a little more time and created some graphics to try to bring it to life.

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