Defining Some Design & Branding Terms

Debbie Millman has been podcasting about design since podcasting was cool, and then while it wasn’t cool, and now in the golden age of podcasting. To say she’s a design legend would be underselling it.

Recently, she sat down on Kara Swisher’s Sway podcast. Throughout the conversation, Millman gave definitions for some key terms that anyone in marketing or storytelling should know. Because she understands this stuff so thoroughly, I thought it would be best to just share her quotes about these important terms.

Also, this week I got to dust off my iPad illustration skills!

If you’re interested in design, I recommend checking out Millman’s podcast, Design Matters.

If you would like to use any of these definitions in a slide deck, here is a presentation where you can download the slides.

Later this week, my appearance on the 7-Figure Small podcast will be dropping. I’ll be talking about this newsletter, my process, and where it could go. I’ll share more details next week. Or, watch my Twitter account where I’ll share the link.

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