What is Zero-Click Content? (And why you should create it)

Ever since I first read Amanda Natividad’s article on zero-click content, I’ve been fascinated by the idea. The sites and platforms where we spend the most time want to keep you on their sites and platforms. They don’t want to drive traffic back to your site (check out a recap of Ross Simmons’ conversation about the end of organic reach for more info).

Amanda was recently on the Demand Gen U podcast and she dug deeper into this topic. Here are some of the learnings that I took away from that episode:

You can see at the end that if someone searches for the benefits of zero-click content, Amanda’s article on SparkToro shows up as the featured snippet. This may be enough for some people. But for others, they’ll click through to learn more.

I want to say thanks to the folks who have reached out asking about the newsletter. The last couple of months have been busy wrapping up my previous job as the VP of Marketing, Digital Experience and Design at EBSCO, and then starting my new job as the Head of Creative Innovation at Mobeus.

I’m hoping to get back into a regular cadence with this newsletter. But anyone who has worked at a startup knows it can be a little unpredictable sometimes.

For this issue, I made a simple intro process video. You’ll see that the title and header changed from where I started to where I finished. I’ll probably make some more of these in the coming weeks that go into more depth, so keep an eye out on my Twitter or LinkedIn.

Thanks for skimming!

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