5 Elements of Messaging

Every company wants to tell a unique story about its product or service. It’s essential to stand out, but there are some simple messaging rules that must always be applied.

Darr Gersovich was recently on the B2B Growth podcast and talked about a system he has developed to tell a compelling story. The 4C+D of Marketing Messaging is his system to get the viewer to not only understand and engage with the content, but to remember the content and tie it back to the company brand.

When I first started working on this infographic, I was recording myself in Airglass and talked through my thought process. But I stopped about halfway through. If this sounds interesting to you, please let me know.

If you have any thoughts on this issue or ideas for future issues, please let me know. You can always find me on LinkedIn. I’ve also been playing around with Mastodon lately.

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