Social Selling for B2B

Since the birth of social media, salespeople have used it to engage prospects. You see someone who’s actually good at it every now and then.

Josh Krakauer, the CEO of Sculpt, a B2B social media marketing agency, was recently on the B2B Better podcast with Jason Bradwell. There he discussed the benefits of social selling and how Marketing can help enable sales by finding the right salespeople and following certain methodologies.

Here is some of what I learned from the episode:

I hope you enjoyed this issue. I spent way too much time manually doing the 8-bit graphics. Here’s a quick little video that shows what I did.

If you use Illustrator and want to know how I did it, select the Rectangular Grid tool (hidden under the Line Segment Tool). Click on your canvas and create a grid that is 1000px x 1000px. Set the dividers at 100 each, and select “Use Outside Rectangle as Frame.” Click OK, then use the paint bucket (K) to start coloring in the squares.

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