Storytelling with Data

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If you’re the one with the data, it’s your job to get others to understand and take action based on that data.

Telling a story to help someone understand a concept has numerous benefits. First and foremost, stories create an emotional connection between the audience and the subject matter, making it more engaging and memorable. By tying the data into a story, the audience is more likely to retain the information and empathize with the perspectives being presented.

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic is the founder & CEO of storytelling with data (SWD). On a recent episode of Free the Data podcast with Ben Sullins, Cole broke down why it’s important to tell a story with data, and some tips on how to best do that. With the right design, you control where the viewer looks.

I loved this episode! Here is some of what I learned.

One of the things I love about my job and career is I’m someone who gets to use data to drive my creativity. I highly recommend the episode if you’re someone who works with data and is trying to get someone else to take an action. Whether it’s trying to get more budget, or just trying to do more (or less) of an activity, having the right data, and telling a story with it, will better your chances of achieving your desired results.

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