Secrets of a Successful CMO

Peter Mahoney is the founder and CEO of Boston-based Plannuh, a company that builds and manages marketing plans and performance. Not only is he the host of a podcast called The Next CMO, but he also wrote the book of the same name.

Recently, Mahoney was on Douglas Burdett’s podcast, Marketing Book Podcast. In this episode, the two of them ran through some of the key takeaways from the book. Even though I’ve read the first printing of the book, there was a lot to learn from this episode.

Want to hear something Inception-like? I was a guest on a podcast, where I talked about my newsletter, which is about podcasts, and you’re now reading about it in this newsletter. Trippy.

I was recently a guest on the 7-Figure Small podcast where I talked about my process for creating this newsletter, design, digital experience, and more. I hope you enjoy it!

My thanks to Jared Morris for walking through my first podcast appearance. And welcome to all of the new subscribers because of this episode!

Thanks for skimming!


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