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40 years ago, Tom Peters co-authored a book widely regarded as one of the best on business management: In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies. Since then, he has continued to talk and write about the importance of respecting your people and how that benefits the employees AND the company.

Tom was recently on Mark Schaefer’s Marketing Companion podcast. I was fortunate to attend this session live thanks to my association with the RISE community, so I got to see how animated and passionate Tom is when it comes to these topics.

Many of the issues in this country can be directly traced back to an article The New York Times published in 1970 that changed corporate mentality for the worse. Tom has been fighting to change this mentality ever since.

I haven’t read Quiet by Susan Cain, but if Tom Peters recommends it, it must be pretty good. My wife also really enjoyed it.

Welcome to all the new subscribers! This newsletter will be coming out bi-weekly(ish) and will feature a recap of a summation of a recent marketing podcast in an easy-to-consume infographic form like the one you see above. Each one has a unique design based on whatever I feel like. This week it felt good to dust off some old-school desktop publishing skills.

I’ll be attending the 2nd annual Creator Economy Expo in Cleveland in May where I’ll be chatting with folks about this newsletter, their projects, and other topics related to creators and marketing. Will you be going? Let me know!

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