Questions for Creative People

Thanks for sticking around while I took some time off. August was a time of a bit of burnout and then a long vacation. So, now that we’ve reached September, I’m back to it. And welcome to all of the new subscribers who signed up even though I took a few weeks off.

This week I recap a recent Unthinkable* podcast episode by Jay Acunzo. Jay does a lot of really interesting work with marketing and storytelling. If you’re interested in these things, I recommend his newsletter and his podcast. You’re guaranteed to learn something each time.

Recently Jay published a podcast where he talked about questions he asks creative people when he’s looking to hire them. I’ve hired a bunch of creatives over the years and some of these were things that I hadn’t thought of. With each question, I then captured some of the reasons Jay asks these questions.

That’s all for this week. Don’t forget to wish a happy birthday to the many, many folks who have birthdays in the wonderful month of September. September has the most popular birthdays, so there are many of us who will be celebrating.

If you know anyone who might find infographics like this helpful, or who might want to vet a podcast before listening to it, share this with them. It will help them and it will make you look smart 😉

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