Why You Should Personalize Your Content

There’s too much content (and yes, I realize this newsletter is just adding to the clutter, but I digress). Hoping your buyers find the right piece of content is a bad strategy.

Randy Frisch, co-founder and chief evangelist for content experience at Uberflip walks through why you should curate your content with personalized experiences. On his recent appearance on Qualified’s Demand-Gen Visionaries podcast, Randy explains how we used to curate songs back when we made mixtapes. Then came iTunes with everything. Now we’re back to curated content collections thanks to apps like Spotify.

Randy talks about how Netflix is organized based on what we are most likely to watch. Imagine if it was organized by release date like our resource centers? We need to get back to curation and personalization with our marketing content.

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If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re a busy person and you just want the highlights. Think about this the next time you’re creating content.

I hope you found this useful. If so, please feel free to share it with someone else who would get something out of this.

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