Ten Steps for Building an Audience

I finally get to showcase my all-time favorite podcast: This Old Marketing! For years, I’ve been listening to Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose break down the latest marketing news. But news articles don’t necessarily align with the types of infographics I’m trying to share. I’m looking for content that can stand a longer test of time than just talking about whatever Elon Musk broke this week.

But last week, Joe and Robert had an episode where they broke down their tried and true methods for building an audience. Considering how long I’ve listened to these two chuckleheads (their words), and how much I’ve spent on their books and events, I’d consider myself to be a member of their audience(s).

Here are what they’ve done to help build their audience …

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I will get to see and chat with both Joe and Robert at the Creator Economy Expo next week in sunny Cleveland, Ohio. I can’t wait to catch up with them and the other CEX attendees. I learned so much at last year’s event.

Let me know if you’re going to be there! Your comments and engagements help expand the reach of this newsletter.

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