Sales Conference 2014

Sales Conference 2014

2014 was the first time that the unified sales force of Extreme Networks was coming together since Extreme acquired Enterasys in late 2013. I spent many hours working on the presentations for both the CEO and the CMO (as well as the other speakers, but those didn’t require as much time.)

Presented for the first time are the presentations that were given on stage in front of the global sales force. These presentations were slightly modified and delivered to the Partners at regional Partner conferences in Las Vegas and Lisbon, Portugal (both of which I was able to attend).

2014 Global Sales Conference – CEO Presentation from Jim MacLeod


2014 Global Sales Conference – CMO Presentation from Jim MacLeod

(The last slide of the CMO deck has a really cool animation that isn’t properly represented here. But trust me, it went over really great each time it was shown.)