Effective Visual Marketing


Enough with the noise and the jargon and the fluff. Stop being so damn witty.

What do you want the viewer to remember?

For the past 15 years, Jim has been a visual marketer who has been able to cut through the clutter and focus on the key message, that one little hook, that forces a viewer to not only pay attention, but to act.

Jim has helped companies of all sizes across many different industries succeed. This wide swath of experience allows him to bring fresh ideas to each new environment. B2B? Got it. B2C? Done it. Print? No problem. Digital? Even better.

A lifelong creator, MacLeod knows that effectiveness trumps everything. You want to make pretty pictures? Go be a broke artist. Visual marketing is about results.

These days Jim runs the creative services group at Extreme Networks. The company had previously used external creative agencies until Jim was hired to start and build an in-house creative team.

Much like Mike Tyson, Jim is also good at talking in the third person … though he’s not as good at taking a punch (probably).

The intersection of strategy and creativity.

Recent Work


Marketing is Your Starting Pitcher

Marketing is Your Starting Pitcher

I’ve worked for a few different companies in diverse industries. And I’ve noticed one common theme: Marketing is often looked down upon by Sales. In some ways, I can understand the basic thinking. Sales brings money in whereas Marketing spends money. Marketing can also be seen as sales enablement. This makes sense, but it still […]

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Sales Conference 2014

Sales Conference 2014

2014 was the first time that the unified sales force of Extreme Networks was coming together since Extreme acquired Enterasys in late 2013. I spent many hours working on the presentations for both the CEO and the CMO (as well as the other speakers, but those didn’t require as much time.) Presented for the first […]

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